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Franchisee vs Bevintel/ Sculpture Hospitality Franchise costs

Franchise Opportunities

In my last post on the subject of Bar-i franchising, I explicitly discussed some significant differences between becoming a Bar-i franchisee versus becoming a Bevintel/ Sculpture Hospitality Franchisee. I compared costs, risk and growth potential. We have now finalize our Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document meaning the terms of our Franchise Agreement can now be directly compared to Bevintel/Sculpture Hospitality’s franchise offering. For now at least, the differentiation in terms of costs is significant.

Before delving into the dollar amounts, I’d like to consider an important factor that I believe has contributed to this stark difference. The company Sculpture Hospitality (formerly Bevinco and then Bevintel) has been in existence for more than 30 years. That history of success has many benefits but it also comes with entrenched contract terms and a way of doing business. Bevintel now has literally hundreds of franchisees and both the company and those franchisees are bound by the terms of their franchise agreements. The terms of those agreements were determined years ago in different economic times and the world has changed a lot since then: technology of virtually any type costs a fraction of what it used to and business models have evolved too. Paying for things in advance and in full used to be the norm. These days customers demand lower costs combined with flexibility such as being able to try a product for free before they purchase. Bar-i® has grown up during the greatest recession of our lifetimes. Our emphasis on lower costs and use of modern technologies like voice command are examples of how the times of the day have influenced our growth and development. Whatever the reasons, the difference in initial costs to get your business up and running are significant.

The two main Rather than providing you with more of my admittedly biased opinion, I shall let the figures speak for themselves:

Yearly mininums Bar-i Bevintel
Franchise fee $20,000 $39,900 – $49,900
Year 1 min  $0  $0
Year 2 min  $0  $4,560
Year 3 min  $0  $6,000
Year 4 onwards min $0   $6,840


If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to become a Bar-i franchisee and start your own business as a liquor inventory auditor, please give the owners a call on 970-281-7779. We provide liquor inventory services to bars nationwide from our offices in Denver, Colorado. For further information on the opportunity to become a Bar-i Franchisee click the Request Franchise Guide button below.

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