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$$$Referral Bounty$$$

We really appreciate it when our friends and clients take time out of their day to mention our inventory service to potential clients. In fact, we appreciate it so much that we like to show our appreciation in hard dollars: We pay 10% of first year audit revenue from new clients to the person who provided the referral. The bounty is open to anyone: Owners, managers, delivery drivers, friends of owners, wine reps...whoever. For a typical new client, 10% would be around $400 which isn't bad for a quick phonecall or conversation with somebody*

Example: You hear about Bar-i’s profit maximizing inventory service, so mention it to your friend who owns a bar. The bar owner decides that having a trial is a no-brainer and calls us to schedule it. During the call he mentions the friend who was kind enough to point him in the right direction. After the trial, the owner begins regular audits at his bar every two weeks. Paid audits are completed over the 12 months following totaling $4,000. We cut you a check for $400! *Conditions:

1. If a new client mentions multiple references, the bounty will be split
2. The reference must be mentioned during the initial contact with the prospective client in order to qualify
3. The bounty will be paid in 2 installments after six months and after a year
4. The 10% will be based on audit revenue earned within 365 days after first contact is established between bar-i and the new client
5. The bill must be settled before the bounty will be paid
6. If you are the owner of a bar, the bounty will be paid as a credit for work
7. Past clients cannot generate a referral bounty at a bar at which they work (whether restarting service or beginning service at a different bar due to the conflict of intersest it creates) though they may earn referrals at bars they do not currently work at. 

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