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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

6 Reasons you can't Spot Check your way to a Lower the Liquor Cost

At Bar-i, our liquor inventory services are intended to provide two primary benefits – save you time and lower your costs.
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How to Cut Your Bar Inventory Counting Time in Half

Let’s face it, counting inventory is a truly miserable task. We always joke about the fact that we don’t even like doing it and we’re a bar inventory company. ...
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6 Benefits of Using Invoice Processing and Payment Automation at Your Bar

Bars and restaurants are low margin businesses with complex vendor relationships. The average bar makes less than 10 cents on the dollar for every sale. These low margins force bars and restaurants to get creative in order to become profitable.
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How Do Accardis and Bar-i Bar Inventory Systems Compare?

Accardis has been a pioneer in the bar inventory space since 1987. They were the first company to include barcode scanners and scales as part of the inventory process. In many ways, the Accardis model was a predecessor to what we’ve created here at Bar-i, and ...
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Bar-i Privacy Policy

TERMS OF USE Congratulations on your license of Bar-I’s Beverage Management And Integrated Inventory Software Application. Your license to use our Application remains subject to and contingent on agreement to these terms, the End-Use License ...
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Save Time and Money with Bar-i’s Plate IQ Software Integration

Bars and restaurants have traditionally been low margin businesses. These low margins, combined with high personnel costs, make it crucial for owners to find creative ways to cut costs in other areas of their operations. Payment automation has provided an easy way in which bars and restaurants ...
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Improve the Accuracy of Your Draft Beer Inventory Efforts

At Bar-i, our approach to bar inventory is to calculate the usage of every product you carry down to the serving in order to identify precisely how much is missing. While the scales we use to count inventory for ...
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Streamline Your Inventory Counts with Bar-i’s Fintech Integration

At Bar-i, we make counting count by precisely integrating your physical inventory counts, purchases from your distributors, and sales from your POS system. Our bar inventory system is able to drill down to individual products to provide meaningful insights on the performance of each product ...
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Is Your Bar Inventory System Providing the Best Value?

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the bar and restaurant industry, resulting in a significant reduction in sales for most establishments. In these situations, reducing your costs can be an effective way to undo some of the negative impact this lower sales volume is having on your ...
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6 Reasons to Use Bar-i Complete for Banquet Liquor Inventory

Banquets and private events pose unique considerations for bar inventory. Most bars are doing inventory counts on either a weekly or biweekly basis. The challenge with banquets is that the schedule of events often requires counting a subset of your full inventory. If you’re going to calculate ...
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