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Bar inventory products: Speed pourer covers

Bar inventory products: Speed pourer covers

Bar inventory products: Speed pourer covers. With the return of Summer comes the return of an annoying problem at your bar: Bugs getting into your liquor bottles and spoiling your product. In actual fact health and safety regulations require that your liquor bottles be covered for obvious reasons. Rather than use common half-assed fixes of using saran wrap or paper/ plastic cups to cover your liquor bottles we suggest the following: 

For a custom made solution try something like these specially designed caps: http://barsupplies.com/narrow-pourer-nipples-pack-p-301.html?osCsid=8b14rp7c8j8a4kgbolulu7p4l7. These come in at 16c each excluding shipping. 

A thriftier solution is to use wire shelf end caps like these: http://www.buy.com/pr/product.aspx?sku=204616672&sellerid=31998303. (7c each excluding shipping)

If you save one bottle from your liquor inventory from being spoiled over the course of the Summer, these will pay for themselves. 

Video - Bar-i product demo

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