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“Bar Rescue” Raises Awareness of the Benefits of Using State-of-the-Art Liquor Inventory Systems

All businesses are constantly exploring the most effective ways to spread the word about the benefits of their services or products, and Bar-i is no exception. Fortunately, we have recently been the beneficiary of some very effective promotion from the popular TV show “Bar Rescue.”

“Bar Rescue” is a Reality TV show on the Spike Network that is hosted by Jon Taffer, a bar and nightclub owner who has started, owned, or flipped more than 600 bars throughout his career. He used this knowledge to start one of the most highly respected consulting firms in the bar industry, and he travels around the country helping struggling bar owners improve their business.

On each episode of “Bar Rescue,” a different struggling bar is highlighted. Taffer brings in his team of experts to give the bar a makeover. Every aspect of the bar is analyzed in order to recommend the changes necessary to become successful and profitable. This can include a physical remodel, a change in concept, better staff training, and an upgrade to a more sophisticated liquor inventory system.

While “Bar Rescue” works exclusively with one of our competitors, Bevintel, for all of the show’s liquor inventory upgrades, Bar-i has still benefited from some unintended and indirect promotion.

Raising Awareness for Sophisticated Liquor Inventory Systems

Bar-i’s challenge has never been finding bars that can benefit from our services. On the contrary, we believe that just about any bar can benefit from the highly detailed and accurate data provided by our liquor inventory system. However, our greatest challenge when marketing our services is finding bar owners who are open-minded to trying a new system and upgrading to a more streamlined liquor inventory process.

Despite highlighting the services of Bevintel instead of Bar-i, “Bar Rescue” is still demonstrating to their viewers that using these modern liquor inventory systems is an effective way to streamline the process, reduce shrinkage, and improve profitability. Fortunately, many of these viewers are bar owners.

One bar owner in the downtown Denver area recently saw an episode of “Bar Rescue” and realized the value of upgrading to a more sophisticated liquor inventory system. He requested a trial run of services from both Bar-i and Bevintel. After evaluating both services, he chose to work with Bar-i.

When we asked this bar owner why he chose us over Bevintel, he told us the primary reason was due to the higher level of personalized service he received from our owners. As a small business, Bar-i’s owners Scott and Jamie handle every aspect of our service, ensuring our clients receive the best possible results. Very few companies, including Bevintel, can match this level of personalized care.

Had this bar owner chosen Bevintel, he would have been working with a franchisee who is not as familiar with all of the nuances of the system as the people who created it. This bar owner felt more comfortable knowing that his liquor inventory needs were personally being handled by the people who created the system and software being used. This is precisely what he receives from Bar-i.

Hopefully, “Bar Rescue” will continue its successful run for many years to come. If so, it will most likely help many other bar owners see the value in upgrading to a state-of-the-art liquor inventory system such as the one provided by Bar-i.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can streamline your processes and improve your bar’s profitability, please contact Bar-i or call 303-219-0196 today to schedule your free consultation. We provide services to bars nationwide from our offices in Denver, Colorado.

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