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Taking Care of the Small Details: 6 Signs of a Well-Run Bar (Part 3)

checklist for a well run barAt Bar-i, we have consistently found that the bars which do all of the little things correctly are also the bars which excel at taking care of the bigger details. It should come as no surprise that these bars are also typically the most profitable.

Part 1 and Part 2 of this series each discussed 2 examples of fine details to pay attention to which can improve the efficiency of your bar operations. In Part 3, we will reveal the final 2 things our best-run bars typically do. We have found that paying attention to these 6 items is typically a strong indicator of a successful, profitable bar:

    1. Opening and closing duties are clearly defined.

      There are certain important tasks that need to be performed regularly to run a bar effectively. If these tasks are not written down, they are typically not performed as frequently. By writing them down, you will make it easier for your managers to check that daily tasks are being done. This will ultimately help your bar run more smoothly.

      The best-run bars we work with all have a book clearly listing all opening and closing duties. This ensures all the fine details necessary for running a bar are regularly carried out. This may include:

      • * Making sure the bar is properly stocked
      • * Cleaning duties are completed
      • * Old fruit is thrown away and replaced

      These books should also list all of the big jobs which need to be performed, such as cleaning the beer coolers, and spell out which day(s) of the week they are to be done. By going to the extra detail of assigning specific duties to specific days, there is no ‘wiggle room’ in understanding the day’s task.

    2. The bar is fully stocked.

      Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than finding out the bar is out of their desired drink. This is especially true when they must watch their friends enjoy the drinks they ordered while the server rings in a replacement drink.

      If you have an effective liquor inventory system, it is easy to see when products are running low and need to be reordered. This will ensure your bar remains fully stocked, eliminating the moments when a customer must wait longer than his or her friends only to receive a drink they didn’t really want in the first place.

Bar-i does much more than provide you with liquor inventory services. We will also act as consultants, providing a fresh pair of eyes on your bar. We deal with a specific aspect of the bar process and get to see how a variety of bars perform these tasks successfully.

This allows us to provide you with industry best-practice advice to streamline the fine details of your operation.

The talking points listed above are some of the little tips and tricks we provide to our clients. While they won’t make or break your business, it is interesting to note that the bars which consistently do them well also tend to be the most successful.

Please contact Bar-i today or call us at 303-219-0196 to schedule your free consultation. We provide services to bars nationwide from our offices in Denver, Colorado.

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