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The unique cache of Red Bull

The unique cache of Red Bull

What is it with Red Bull? The product is at least twice as expensive as any competitor yet is stocked in most bars you drink in. It’s not alcohol yet it costs more than bottled beer. While Red Bull’s marketing is clearly extremely effective, it’s hard to explain why other products struggle to even dent Red Bull’s market share. What’s for sure is that it’s very expensive and in high demand from both customers and your employees. There isn’t an owner who hasn’t considered switching to something less expensive but those who have often tire of customer complaints and switch back. There isn’t a bar-back who hasn’t cursed the additional sticky trash though slugging the occasional half can often helps with that third late shift in a row. Even when you buy ten cases of the stuff, in order to receive the free one, it’s amazing how quickly you rattle through that $340 worth of product. Between spoilt half cans, sneaked whole cans and occasions when it either isn’t rung at all or isn’t priced correctly, few products are so expensive in terms of what’s not accounted for. We have the following recommendations for owners and operators to ensure they are profiting as they should from this ever popular product:

1.Create a staff button: Passing on your discounted rate to staff is a nice benefit and means they are less likely to be tempted to drink your profits. 2.Ensure your have the correct POS buttons to ring in the 3 typical sizes of servings (can, cocktail, splash). This in addition to buttons for signature drinks which contain Red Bull. 3.Once you have your POS system correctly set, consider doing a single day inventory on Red Bull on one of your busy nights: Compare how many cans were used during the evening to how many were rung (you’ll need to run a POS report for the period and add up all the different amounts from the various ways Red Bull can be rung). 4.Consider scheduling a free inventory audit trial with Bar-i. Not only will we tell you how your Red Bull is performing, we’ll tell you how every product you stock is performing. In an industry where it’s typical for 1 of 5 servings to go missing, it might not just be Red Bull where there’s an opportunity for increasing profits.

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