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Hybrid Liquor Inventory Systems

Hybrid liquor inventory systems revolutionizing the bar business

Bar-i press release: 3/21/2012

Bars and restaurants across the US are making use of new hybrid liquor inventory systems; Hybrid systems are allowing bars to increase profits, controls and operational efficiencies with lower than ever costs.

One of the significant trends affecting the bar business over the past few years is the adoption of technology to perform liquor inventory. New hybrid liquor inventory systems combine the effectiveness, and easy of implementation, of full service systems with the lower cost of in-house counting. Hybrid liquor inventory systems provide bar owners and managers with detailed performance information on individual products where the number of drinks rung and poured can be accurately compared. Bars which switch from using in-house inventory to calculate liquor cost are realizing 3% reductions in their liquor costs when they switch over to hybrid inventory systems.

Traditionally bars have completed their liquor inventory at the end of the month simply to calculate their liquor cost. Given the nature of the bar business and these limited controls, liquor inventory shrinkage of 20% is typical. Hybrid liquor inventory systems provide an easily implementable method for bar owners to effectively audit the performance of bartenders by comparing the numbers of drinks poured with the number of drinks rung.

Bar-i intelligent inventory (www.bar-i.com) has been a leader in hybrid liquor inventory systems since they launched their self-count inventory system at the start of 2011. Their liquor inventory system provides an easy and cost effective way for independent bars, and regional chains of bars, to increase their liquor inventory controls and ultimately increase their profits.

Owner of Bar-i intelligent inventory Jamie Edwards commented, “Our clients are often surprised by the size of improvements to their bottom lines once they stop using liquor inventory simply to calculate their liquor costs. We’re excited to be able to provide a low cost and easy to implement service to clients which provides significant return on investment. We expect to see the bar industry continuing to move in this direction since hybrid liquor inventory systems combine the low cost benefits of in-house liquor inventory with the effectiveness of professionally prepared and verified performance reports”.

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