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Bar Inventory Spreadsheet

Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet

We currently offer two bar inventory spreadsheet solutions: 

Our totally free downloadable liquor inventory spreadsheet provides a more effective way to perform liquor inventory at your bar. 

Our paid liquor inventory system combines a faster way to count liquor inventory at your bar alongside accurate product by product performance auditing allowing you bars to reduce their liquor costs by more than 3% on average. 

Here’s why you should use our bar inventory spreadsheets:

• Our bar inventory spreadsheet will provide a very fast and easy way for you to calculate your liquor cost

• Our bar inventory spreadsheet will allow you to count your liquor inventory way faster since you will be using a specially designed counting spreadsheet and enter product counts using voice command and a scale (not clipboard and pen)

• Our bar inventory spreadsheet will provide much more information about the performance of your bar since we will help you calculate not just liquor cost, but compare how many ounces of every product is used and compare it to how many were sold

• Our bar inventory spreadsheet has helped our clients reduce their liquor cost by more than 3% on average

• Our bar inventory spreadsheet is free to our clients and we simply charge you for the actual cost for the equipment you need, our time to train you and our time to process your liquor inventory each period and produce one of our performance reports

• A video which explains how our bar inventory spreadsheet works can be found below or here

Video - Bar-i product demo

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