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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

Liquor Cost Management

Liquor cost management is an important factor impacting the profitability of your bar. If you are able to reduce your liquor cost, you will improve your profit margin on the drinks you sell. Therefore, it is in your best interests to engage ...
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How to Eliminate Problems while Calculating Liquor Cost

In Part 1 of this post, we discussed some of the problems associated with calculating liquor cost. In this section, we will provide you with some tips to help you eliminate these problems.
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Calculating Liquor Cost

Liquor cost is one of the primary ways in which bars evaluate their performance. Ultimately, the lower your liquor cost, the greater the profits you will generate from each drink. As a result, it is in your best interests to carefully monitor ...
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How to Eliminate Your Bouncing Liquor Cost

A bouncing liquor cost is a common issue impacting many bars. This occurs when your liquor cost fluctuates significantly from ...
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Reduce your draft beer cost by 1% or more

I’m a beer drinker. While craft cocktails are proving a ...
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5 Free Ways to Lower Your Liquor Cost

At Bar-i, we help our clients lower ...
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Liquor Cost

Liquor cost is the most common metric bars use to measure performance alongside total sales volume. Sales volume is fundamental since it represents the total dollars your customers are spending ...
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Average Liquor Cost (Part 2)

This is my second post on the subject of average liquor cost for bars. The first post made some attempt to nail down what the average liquor cost is for various bars depending on the type of establishment. Overall I argued that the whole ...
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Liquor cost: Cloud based POS systems for bars and restaurants

Cloud based POS systems for bars and restaurants One of the new technological advances to affect the hospitality industry is the emergence of cloud based POS systems. In many ways ...
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Liquor Cost: Timed events on your bar's POS

Liquor cost: Timed events on your bar’s POS. These days the solid majority of bars and restaurants have electronic POS systems. The exceptions are a few bars which are still holding off and ...
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