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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

A Day in the Life of a Bar-i Franchisee

Bar-i recently established a franchisee program, and we’re still looking for a few initial franchisees to help us gain wider traction for our business throughout the country. This is a unique and exciting ...
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Franchise Opportunities

Denver, Colorado Bar-i® Liquid Accounting will begin offering franchising opportunities to individuals who would like to get involved in the liquor ...
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Franchisee vs Bevintel/ Sculpture Hospitality Franchise costs

In my last post on the subject of Bar-i franchising, I explicitly discussed some significant differences between becoming a Bar-i ...
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Ideal Franchise Candidates

Denver, Colorado Bar-i has a well-established liquor inventory system, and we regularly administer it remotely using our self count system with a high degree of success. However, owners ...
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Being a Franchisee versus a Bevintel Franchise owner

In a previous post we discussed the some of the characteristics that an ideal candidate for Bar-i’s franchise program would possess. I also touched briefly on drawing a comparison between the opportunity to become a Bar-i’s ...
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Lifestyle Benefits to Becoming a Bar-I Franchisee

Bar-i is currently offering franchise opportunities to individuals who have extensive bar/restaurant industry experience and would like to make a change from the service industry lifestyle. ...
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Bar-i Franchising Next Steps

Bar-i began formally offering franchise opportunities in late 2015. We’ve received significant interest about this opportunity, particularly on the east and west coasts. However, we’re still searching for the ...
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Top 8 Reasons to become a Bar-i Franchisee

Bar-i has recently begun offering franchising opportunities to individuals who would like to pursue a career in the liquor inventory business. This is an exciting time to become part of the
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