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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

Don't Waste Time Ringing Up Your Draft Beer Waste

Draft beer has some unique characteristics that make it fundamentally different from the other product categories served at bars (liquor, wine, bottled beer). It’s the only product category where you’re guaranteed to experience
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Integrate Your POS and Inventory Systems to Maximize Profits

At its most basic level, liquor inventory is performed to count how much of each product you have on-hand at your bar so that you can determine what to order. You can take these efforts a step further and use it as a tool to measure the performance your business. ...
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Liquor Inventory Control

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4 Tips to Improve Staff Accountability at Your Bar

There are many factors involved in maximizing the profitability of your bar. One of the most important is maintaining a high level of accountability with your bar staff. When we talk about
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Tips for Establishing an Effective Comping Policy for Your Bar

If you own a bar, you most likely recognize the reality that a certain amount of drinks will be given away for free. It’s an inevitable outcome, especially since comping drinks is a powerful way for bartenders to increase their tips. As a result, they have a ...
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Accountability & the Liquor Cost Performance Gap at Your Bar

The most important point we can make to you when thinking about upgrading your inventory system is that you need to have a clear understanding of your goals. Do you want to simply save time on the inventory process or do you also want to leverage your ...
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Focusing on Liquor Cost can Undervalue Accountability Improvements

When used in conjunction with other metrics, liquor cost can be a useful tool that helps you improve the performance of your bar. If you use a sophisticated bar inventory system that can ...
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What is the Relationship between Liquor Cost and Accountability?

  For many bars, liquor cost is the primary metric used to evaluate performance. Unfortunately, liquor cost isn’t a very useful tool for assessing performance, and ...
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The Challenges Associated with Taking Inventory on Wine Products

In general, most Bar-i clients tend to focus more on draft beer and liquor sales than wine sales. That being said, it’s important that you don’t overlook wine as part of your
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