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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

Bar-i Featured in June Issue of Bar Business Magazine

Bar-i is proud to have been featured in the June 2017 issue of Bar Business Magazine. The article, titled “How to Maximize Your Pours and Profits,” highlights the innovations ...
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10 Benefits of Using Bar-i for Inventory with Multi-Location Bars

Performing bar inventory can be a complicated process with just one location, but when you have to track inventory for multiple bars, there are many additional issues which may arise to complicate the process even further. In these situations, it’s best to work ...
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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your POS Setup

Bar-i’s liquor inventory services provide a unique benefit that differentiates us from many of the other systems on the market. Our system compares what was rung vs. what was poured in order to tell you
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6 Benefits of Down to the Serving Liquor Inventory

At Bar-i, we adhere to a philosophy that we like to call “down to the serving” liquor inventory. We provide all of our clients with very precise data regarding the performance of ...
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What Type of ROI can You Expect from Bar-i’s Liquor Inventory System?

When speaking with potential clients, we frequently hear the following comment: “I do my own inventory in-house, calculate my liquor cost and see that it consistently stays in line. So why do I need your service?” The simple answer (and really the most important ...
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Streamline Your Inventory Process with Bar-i’s Free Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Over the past few years, Bar-i has received numerous requests for a spreadsheet tool that will help streamline the liquor inventory process. Well, we’re not ...
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6 Ways to Optimize your Wine Inventory Process

There are challenges associated with every aspect of the bar inventory process, but taking inventory on wine products presents several unique issues that aren’t experienced with beer and liquor. We discussed
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The Challenges Associated with Taking Inventory on Wine Products

In general, most Bar-i clients tend to focus more on draft beer and liquor sales than wine sales. That being said, it’s important that you don’t overlook wine as part of your
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Can Your Bar Inventory System Overcome the Fundamental Problems Created by the Different Units of Measurement Used for Selling and Inventorying Liquor?

When done properly, bar inventory is a valuable tool that can help you improve the performance of your bar and
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Examining the Adoption of POS Systems to Predict the Future of Bar Inventory

Overall, the bar and restaurant industry has notoriously been slow to adopt new technology. In fact, bars and restaurants often react to the introduction of new technology with apprehension and disapproval. But over time, more and more establishments eventually ...
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