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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

Bar-i Is an Official Restaurant365 Bar Inventory Integration Partner

Bar-i is proud to announce that we’ve been recently added as an official Restaurant365 bar inventory integration partner. We’re excited to work with one of the leading restaurant enterprise management platforms in the ...
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Cut Your Counting Time with a Shelf to Sheet Bar Inventory System

For bars and restaurants, very few tasks are more tedious than counting bottles during the inventory process. It’s mindless, boring work that takes hours to complete each week. No one on your staff enjoys doing this.
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6 Advanced Reporting Features of Bar-i’s New Pro Level Software

Bar-i Speed Count and Bar-i Complete, the first phase of our new software updates, were released in late 2020 and have been in use with our clients for a while. This month, we’re rolling out ...
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What’s the Most Important Feature to Look for in a POS System?

The POS market has become saturated in recent years. While you have more options to choose from than ever before, there is a downside to this unprecedented level of choice. With so many options available, it’s often difficult to determine which
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6 Reasons you can't Spot Check your way to a Lower the Liquor Cost

At Bar-i, our liquor inventory services are intended to provide two primary benefits – save you time and lower your costs.
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How to Cut Your Bar Inventory Counting Time in Half

Let’s face it, counting inventory is a truly miserable task. We always joke about the fact that we don’t even like doing it and we’re a bar inventory company. ...
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6 Benefits of Using Invoice Processing and Payment Automation at Your Bar

Bars and restaurants are low margin businesses with complex vendor relationships. The average bar makes less than 10 cents on the dollar for every sale. These low margins force bars and restaurants to get creative in order to become profitable.
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How Do Accardis and Bar-i Bar Inventory Systems Compare?

Accardis has been a pioneer in the bar inventory space since 1987. They were the first company to include barcode scanners and scales as part of the inventory process. In many ways, the Accardis model was a predecessor to what we’ve created here at Bar-i, and ...
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Bar-i Privacy Policy

TERMS OF USE Congratulations on your license of Bar-I’s Beverage Management And Integrated Inventory Software Application. Your license to use our Application remains subject to and contingent on agreement to these terms, the End-Use License ...
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Save Time and Money with Bar-i’s Plate IQ Software Integration

Bars and restaurants have traditionally been low margin businesses. These low margins, combined with high personnel costs, make it crucial for owners to find creative ways to cut costs in other areas of their operations. Payment automation has provided an easy way in which bars and restaurants ...
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