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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

10 Benefits of Bar-i Speed Count

Bar-i offers a range of liquor inventory services in order to address the unique needs of every bar. For some establishments, our full service inventory system is the best option. With this service, your dedicated Bar-i ...
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Should I Get a Bar-i Full Service Liquor Inventory Trial?

At Bar-i, our goal is to help you make more money. We accomplish this goal by providing you with more accurate inventory services that compare what is sold to what is being poured.
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6 Benefits of Down to the Serving Liquor Inventory

At Bar-i, we adhere to a philosophy that we like to call “down to the serving” liquor inventory. We provide all of our clients with very precise data regarding the performance of ...
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What is “Down to the Serving” Liquor Inventory?

There are essentially two potential goals behind ditching the clipboard and upgrading to a more sophisticated liquor inventory system:
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What Type of ROI can You Expect from Bar-i’s Liquor Inventory System?

When speaking with potential clients, we frequently hear the following comment: “I do my own inventory in-house, calculate my liquor cost and see that it consistently stays in line. So why do I need your service?” The simple answer (and really the most important ...
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Do You Have too much Liquor Inventory on Hand?

A common mistake that many bars make is having too much inventory on hand. Often, bars will order products until all the shelves in their storeroom are full. While this may work for some establishments, you really should have a smarter system for your
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Which Bar-i Liquor Inventory Software Version is Right for Me?

With the recent launch of our Speed Count system, Bar-i now has four distinct versions of our bar inventory software. With all of these options at your disposal, determining which liquor inventory software product is the right fit ...
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Streamline Your Inventory Process with Bar-i’s Free Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Over the past few years, Bar-i has received numerous requests for a spreadsheet tool that will help streamline the liquor inventory process. Well, we’re not ...
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Bar-i Speed Count vs. Partender

When thinking about the type of liquor inventory system you want to use with your bar, one of the most important factors to consider is what you’re looking to ...
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Examining the Adoption of POS Systems to Predict the Future of Bar Inventory

Overall, the bar and restaurant industry has notoriously been slow to adopt new technology. In fact, bars and restaurants often react to the introduction of new technology with apprehension and disapproval. But over time, more and more establishments eventually ...
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