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Bar-i Liquor Inventory Blog

Should I Get a Bar-i Full Service Liquor Inventory Trial?

At Bar-i, our goal is to help you make more money. We accomplish this goal by providing you with more accurate inventory services that compare what is sold to what is being poured.
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Ideal Franchise Candidates

Denver, Colorado Bar-i has a well-established liquor inventory system, and we regularly administer it remotely using our self count system with a high degree of success. However, owners ...
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Being a Franchisee versus a Bevintel Franchise owner

In a previous post we discussed the some of the characteristics that an ideal candidate for Bar-i’s franchise program would possess. I also touched briefly on drawing a comparison between the opportunity to become a Bar-i’s ...
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Are You Leveraging Your Liquor Cost as a Profitability Tool?

Most bars are using two main metrics to evaluate their performance: sales volume and liquor cost. Sales volume tells you how many dollars are generated per week by sales behind your bar, and it’s the most ...
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Mixologist Anika Zappe Talks about the Denver Bar Industry

Recently, Bar-i co-owner Jamie Edwards sat down with local mixologist Anika Zappe to discuss the state of the Denver bar industry. Anika has been working in bars along the Front Range of Colorado for over 20 years, and she has ...
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Lifestyle Benefits to Becoming a Bar-I Franchisee

Bar-i is currently offering franchise opportunities to individuals who have extensive bar/restaurant industry experience and would like to make a change from the service industry lifestyle. ...
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6 Benefits of Down to the Serving Liquor Inventory

At Bar-i, we adhere to a philosophy that we like to call “down to the serving” liquor inventory. We provide all of our clients with very precise data regarding the performance of ...
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What is “Down to the Serving” Liquor Inventory?

There are essentially two potential goals behind ditching the clipboard and upgrading to a more sophisticated liquor inventory system:
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What Type of ROI can You Expect from Bar-i’s Liquor Inventory System?

When speaking with potential clients, we frequently hear the following comment: “I do my own inventory in-house, calculate my liquor cost and see that it consistently stays in line. So why do I need your service?” The simple answer (and really the most important ...
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How Do Sixtel Kegs and Pony Kegs Impact your Keg Yield?

One of Bar-i’s clients was experiencing poor yields on their kegs and they asked us to look into the issue in greater detail. This was a very high volume client that consistently generated over $100,000 per week in bar sales, and draft beer sales comprised a ...
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